Thomas Achaval and Tobias Sodi in LOVE ADDICTION

For this session we have some enticing Kristen Bjorn gay sex just for you. The two guys here are very tender to each other and the wanted to try out some very kinky stuff. One of them like to have hot candle was drip on his naked body and his partner was happy to oblige. Thomas and Tobias really love to spice things up between them and they are doing a hell of a job in this scenes. The two wanted an escape from their routine so they went at a cabana next to the city for the weekend. After they served their delicious dinner they sent the personal home for the rest of the night. While Thomas went upstairs to change Tobias brought some candles and a white sheet in the middle of the living room. Thomas knew what was going to happen once he saw what Tobias prepared for him. So they started with some passionate kissing and then things got hotter and hotter. The guys started undressing each other and after sucking each other’s cock they continued with a rough hammering session. Watch their gay sex session right now, you wont regret it.


See these two offering each other some pain with hot wax!


Kristen Bjorn – Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin

Pedro Andreas as Daniel Marvin take their turn to try out some BDSM in this Kristen Bjorn update. The two were very eager to try out all the bondage and hard anal sex that comes with it and it seems none of them regrets the decision.  Pedro and Daniel aren’t your regular gay couple, no no they take things to the next level with every scene. Things just get wilder and wilder. This time they wanted to try out Pedro’s basement, being the only place these two haven fucked in, yet! So after Pedro bought the house he made sure the basement was completely empty so the two of them could have more place. after he finished moving the old furniture from there he gave his daddy Daniel a call and invited him over for a special dinner. Of course they jumped over dinner and ended up in the basement trying out the new ropes, on each other! They started taking turns on sucking and fucking each other while being tied up by the ceiling. It’s insane I can assure you. Watch as Pedro gets bound by Daniel and has his ass stuffed by the other’s giant cock. Enjoy!


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wet and wild fun

You know all of our guys have that Kristen Bjorn pride and they rarely want to assume the submissive role. Today one of them takes his chances and offers up his body to his mate to have fun with. Be sure he didn’t regret it in the end as he got have his ass thoroughly fucked by his friend. I’m guessing you like what are you seeing. Nice isn’t it? These two are our latest guests and they did a hell of a job. They noticed that there weren’t too many scenes in the shower so they wanted a bring something at least a bit different. After a hardcore night of partying they woke up a bit horny and after an insane ass pounding in the bedroom they moved all the action in the shower and took the camera with them as well. After they washed washed other with the sponge they gave some extra time to their cocks and got them really clean. Of course that made them even hornier and they ended up fucking each other in the shower. We hope we’ll see them soon again. Until next time enjoy this insane KristenBjorn gallery and we’ll be back soon.


See these superb hunks showering together!



Hey guys, Kristen Bjorn has for you a very special update. We are bringing you today one of the fun times that commenced during our trip on the cruise boat. Four of our men just felt like they wanted to have some extra fun so they stripped and presented their rock hard cocks for sucking. Watch them having sex on the sailing boat in this one. These four wanted an escape and found the perfect one. They wanted a perfect place to fool around without anyone bothering them, so a boat trip seemed the perfect idea for them. They rent a boat for the day, invited another couple with them and went sailing. After they got far enough from the shore they stopped the boat and started all the craziness. They started making out and undressing each other, changing partners it was insane. The couples kept on swing partners of the entire day, sucking and fucking in all possible ways of course. You shouldn’t miss this I’m telling you it’s too wild. Until next time I hope you guys really enjoy this recent update and we’ll be back soon with more hardcore gay scenes.


Watch these super sexy guys blowin each other on open sea!


Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin IN ACTION!

For this one KristenBjorn mixed things up a bit, and we’re bringing you Pedro along with Daniel in this gallery. The two never appeared together before in any pictures and today they get that chance. Nice view isn’t it? These two hotties like I said earlier are at their first photo shooting together, but they just have that sparkle between them that’s impossible to ignore. Just look at them sexy posing completely naked, showing off those amazing bodies, those ripped muscles, their six packs all oiled up of course.

In the beginning of this Kristen Bjorn session the guys resumed on posing and looking as hot as possible. But after a few more shots things got hotter and hotter by the minute. The two of them started toughing each other and playing with their hard tools. Then Pedro got on his knees and started sucking Daniel\s hard cock and he just couldn’t stop until he got all creamed with nasty jizz. So watch them as their perfect chemistry kicks in and both guys assume their favorite role. Watch them fuck each other in this hot update.


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Kristen Bjorn – SKIN DEEP

For today’s Kristen Bjorn videos we have returned. And we want to bring you this hot couple of studs having fun in the shower for today’s gallery. The guys are very passionate about each other as they start to kiss passionately before commencing with the deep and hard anal penetrations under the warm water dripping on their wet bodies. The title says it all, it’s all about skin and deepness in this insane scene with these two jocks in some hardcore one on one gay action. They needed to cool off after a hot day outside and they remembered that sharing is always good. So they decided to share this shower and some passionate kisses as well. But this was only the beginning for these two because all that kissing made then even hornier that before and things got way hotter. Just watch them get all hot and nasty. See these two taking turns on sucking each other’s cock until they are hard and ready for some rough anal pounding. With these two you never know what comes next so don’t miss the entire KristenBjorn gallery and you’ll be back soon with more scene featuring our hottest jocks.


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Submissive dude obeying every command

Today Kristen Bjorn brings you another intermission update until we return in full force. We shot this gallery before we set off and we’d like to share it with you today, as we couldn’t just leave you starved of your favorite gay content. So watch as these three guys take turns fucking one unlucky dude’s tight ass for his disobedience. We thought you might enjoy something new, because a change is always welcomed so here you have it. In this latest scene we wanted to spice things up a bit with a hardcore gay scene. Of course we picked the hottest guys and thought that you must be bored with normal sex, or threesomes so we put in the same scene four ripped guys in one dark dungeon. These three just couldn’t get enough of each other, and just kept on switching partners and positions. Here you have it all from blowjobs, to hardcore fucking and asses getting stretched to the limits. Just look at this hunk sucking one hard tool, while another guy sucking his fat cock and gets his asshole stretched with a baseball bat. Pure bareback madness! Have fun.


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Things are going a bit slow this week since the Kristen Bjorn crew is getting ready to take a short vacation. But fret not as we have prepared for you a gallery full of pictures of hot studs having solo fun with their cocks in a set of pictures today. So without further due, for now we take our leave and we are leaving this with you to enjoy. Once in a while you need a break from all those hardcore scenes and relaxed watching something sexy posing as well. Well this is scene is the perfect break you were waiting for. These jocks just love posing for you and they have an amazing body to flash in front of everyone. beside their pretty faces they have some insane KristenBjorn galleries. In this update for example we have some close ups pictures with this jock need a waterfall getting all wild in front of the camera and showing off his hard cock in the process as well. And in the last scene we took one of our jocks in the dessert for an hot shooting, and it was hot indeed.

See you soon everyone!


gay fellow in hot kristen bjorn gallery sweet guy with round ass posing nude at kristen bjorn

Sweet gay guy posing nude in exotic locations!


KristenBjorn – UNDER THE BIG TOP

KristenBjorn brings you today a group of three horny guys going through their daily training routine for their sports. It’s grappling and they’re very good at it too. Well you aren’t here for sports, and we know, what you are interested in happens afterwards in the locker room. As these guys like to relax with some nice blow jobs and ass fucking. We know how you like your guys hot and flexible so the brought you some athletes for our next Kristen Bjorn scenes. These here are working for the circus  and are in the best shape of their life. We caught them after a show and asked them to pose for us. but after a few shots we noticed that things got pretty hot between them and then we finally got it, these three were all gay. So we let things go naturally and as we expected they got hot and nasty behind scenes. So we enjoyed taking our pics while these three got nastier and nastier, undressing each other, making out and of course things didn’t stop here. They continued with cock sucking and fucking in every possible position. Enjoy it and we’ll see you next time with more hardcore gay scene for all you lucky guys!


See these hot guys in tights making out passionately!


Milton Abdalla and Christiano Stefani – OUT IN TUSCANY

This Kristen Bjorn update takes place in the barn as two very hot gay dudes can’t wait for the night to come and just want to fuck right now. So watch them take turns in sucking and fucking each other’s ass in all kinds of enticing positions for a very wild fuck session today. One weekend in the country side can make real miracles in your relationship and if you don’t believe me take a look at these two. Of course Milton isn’t fucking his boyfriend, he’s actually pounding a farm hunk that worked at that ranch. Milton noticed Christiano cleaning up the place and after the signals he seemed gay, so he gave it a try. Milton was stuck in a dead relationship and thought this little escape couldn’t hurt anyone. So he waited for Christiano in the barn until he finished his work and made him an offer hard to refuse. Of course before you know it Milton was completely naked and made sure he undressed the cute farm worked as well and from then things got only harder. Milton made the first move and after he got his big cock sucked he stuffed in Christiano’s tight butthole as deep as he could.  We’ll have more KristenBjorn updates for you soon so stay tuned everyone!


See these two hammering each other properly outdoors!