Kristen Bjorn – KGB recruits

Moscow, 1986… This Kristen Bjorn gay  update takes place in that period as to show you how the secret service got their top spies to be so good. As you know no American woman spy managed to seduce any of them and now you know why.  In that period things were rougher than nowadays and the KGB recruits had to be from steel and refuse every women that approached them and they did that with no problem. Because all of our guys were gay and could be distracted only by other guys. You can only imagine what gay sex orgy took place in their dorms. But in today’s update we’ll focus only on these three jocks that have it all. Amazing bodies, resistance and of course big hard cocks ready for some stuffing. So you don’t want to miss them getting hot and wild on each other. See them sucking cocks and fucking each other’s buttholes with their big hard cocks deeper and deeper. these guys sure know how to have a great time. and what a better relaxation after a hard day of work then some hardcore gay fucking.

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In today’s Kristen Bjorn videos we have a corporate guy getting his assistants together today to take care of all of his build up stress from the whole day. So watch him order them around as he makes them put up their asses for him to fuck thoroughly with his big throbbing cock. We sure love these kind of guys, that are willing to try out new things all the time. Well these three have prepared something special for you guys. The couple wanted to spice up their relationship a bit and they ended up trying out a threesome, but not your regular 3way. They searched a guy that was into BDSM for some hardocore fun. After all that search the night finally came and it was a hell of a night I can assure you. These three started taking turns on getting tied up to the chair and getting their tools sucked and them have the other two ride his hard cock. They were sure to be in for the ride of their life tonight. Enjoy it and we’ll be back next week with more hardcore gay sex KristenBjorn scenes for you guys!


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Today’s Kristen Bjorn update features a trailer. It’s for a super hot gay porn movie called the Legion of Vengeance. And what can be said, it’s about a rookie joining the legion and his way towards the top of the organization. And all the cock he has to suck, and the anal pounding he has to take to get there. this cutie just got intro the legion but he really doesn’t like the bottom work so he desperately needs a way to get a higher position. The other day after their workout he noticed his commander checking him out and his killer ab. So he took advantage and started flirting with him and didn’t stop until he got his full attention. So he told him that he needed some advice and needed to talk alone with him. Of course he waited for him completely naked and things went out exactly as he wanted. The commander accepted his little gift and ended up completely naked as well and with a young hunk sucking his hard cock. After he sprayed him with nasty jizz he took care of his tight butthole as well.  Enjoy this KristenBjorn scene, and see you next time.


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In this update Kristen Bjorn takes a trip to the ever sunny and warm Greece to show you how these two horny studs like to spend their free time. So watch them plant down a mattress and see them as they waste no time in getting straight to the hard core fucking. I just love how friendly people are when you visit their country. Our hunk needed some indication and asked one of the native. He was so kind that he offered to take him there and and give him a tour of the place as well. We kind of thought that he was hitting on our guys and we weren’t wrong at all. After they finished their visits around the town the friendly native invited him to spend the night at his place. Of course they had to share the room and in the middle of the night the night he just couldn’t keep in his pants and started touching him. Then the inevitable happened and they ended up fucking until the morning.

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Today’s update for our Kristen Bjorn galleries features two Italian guys getting down and dirty with each other in this afternoon. They could be taken for some serious business men but they are actually pretty fun to hang around with. I just love the Italians they are so passionate and really put their soul in everything they do and that’s why they do it so well. For example these two hunks in these KristenBjorn scene get so dirty and wild, you just can’t imagine it. They are business partners and for awhile now they have shared more then their business trips if you know what i mean. They’ve known each other for a while now and for a couples of weeks now they started fucking each other after work. And things are getting dirtier and dirtier by the day. Just look at the sucking each other’s hard cocks and getting their filthy mouths loaded with nasty jizz. Of course their buttholes are next for a rough pounding. So don’t miss out the entire gallery and see these two getting hard and nasty on each other. Jjust sit back and enjoy one of them receiving some great head from the other in this superb gallery. Enjoy!


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This Kristen Bjorn porn session is a very special one. Today two of our guys all are rock solid with their cocks ready to break in a green horn that was just added to our pantheon of hot gay guys. So watch the rookie as he’s forced to take the submissive role while the two other guys fuck his ass hard and fast for the whole evening today. We just love the office affairs they are so interesting and you can get all the dirty that goes around in a office. These three hunks for example got drunk at a party a few weeks ago, held by their firm and found out about each other. I can say it was quite the surprise actually, but a pleasant one of course. These two always fool around after work but what they didn’t knew was that their office is all bugged with cameras and all of their sexcapedes are know on tape. So don’t miss these three jocks sucking each other off and getting all covered with creamy loads of jizz all over their pretty faces. Of course then they’re asses are next to get some pounding. So don’t miss out these jocks and we’ll see you next time. Enjoy!


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Hungry Hugarians

In this update Kristen Bjorn traveled to Hungary to see how guys from there like to have fun. Well it seems that they do it just like any other. So watch these three boxers as they strip out of their clothes and get straight to some anal fucking sessions in today’s update. Hungarians sure know how to have fun, isn’t the classic way but still they sure take things to the next level. They all have to tight schedules that their workout becomes their KristenBjorn fuck session actually. Just take a look at these three jocks taking turns on sucking each other’s fat big cocks. They just couldn’t get enough cum on their filthy mouth and all over their faces. This is only the beginning because these three don’t get pleased with so little so they turn things up a bit and started taking turns on hammering each other and stuffing their tight buttholes over and over again, deeper and deeper. These guys are horny like hell and you shouldn’t miss them. Until next time keep an eye out for more sweet updates everyone. Enjoy!


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Today brings you a sexy trio of sailors having some gay sex in this update. You know how it goes, long moths at sea without any women, but not to worry as these guys need them no more. They found out that they can fuck just as good another guy and they also enjoy feeling a big cock filling their tight asses. It’s so hard to be all day long on the say six mouths a year and without any women around you have to find alternatives. Well for our guys that’s not a problem because they always liked the guys anyway, so for the this is heaven. An entire ship full of guys desperate for sex…what could you want more? These two for example found this twink wondering all alone after their sleep hour and took advantage of the situation as they found fit. They started flirting with him touching his fresh meat and once they saw that he’s into all of this things got spiced up a bit. They started playing with his cock, rubbing it and then took turns on stuffing their in his mouth and loading it with nasty jizz.

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In the dark and dangerous underworld of art thieves, there is more than just honor. Today’s Kristen Bjorn update brings you this horny pack of art thieves getting down and dirty in the art museum that they were suppose to rob. Suffice to say they had their fun until the next morning the owner found his paintings missing and the whole place covered in jizz. Well when you need money you’re willing to do about anything to get, but these guys took it to the next level with their next stunt. the five of them met and decided to rob a house next to their place and steel all the valuable painting their could find. They made their plan and when they saw the owner leave they made it thru the alarm system and got into the house. But they just couldn’t keep in their pants by the end of the evening because once two of them started making out the rest followed them. And this is how the perfect robbery became a KristenBjorn gay sex orgy. These two started sucking and fucking each other all other the place and by sunrise the house and all the paintings were covered with nasty jizz and know become useless for them. So they left the house and left the owner their creamy surprise all over his house. Enjoy it!

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Wild attraction between Sergio, Alex and Rob Nelson

Another great week and another Kristen Bjorn superb update. Today we have a group of three horny guys getting into a wild sex session. Sergio here was actually required to service both of the other’s asses as the two just fell in love with his big dick and just wanted to feel it stretching them anally in this gallery. See these three jocks’s hot encounter and make sure to watch the entire free gallery of them. They are all neighbors and of course they’ve been flirting for a while now so Sergio got in charge of the situation and set up a meeting with the two of them at his place. Once everyone had a few glasses and got the ball to admit to their feelings things went way smoother. The three of them started taking turns on sucking each other and stuffing one another’s tight butthole with their hard cocks. they went deeper and deeper, harder and harder. I’m telling you shouldn’t miss this insane KristenBjorn gallery with these jocks fucking in Sergio’s living room  in the middle of the afternoon.

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