Abel Pozsar And Caleb Ramble

In today’s Kristen Bjorn update we mixed things up a bit and we decided to mix up the game a bit. So we had Abel and Caleb try to have a fuck session and see how they like it. And it went perfect as Caleb  was very submissive to Abel and just let the lucky guy pound away at his tight white ass with his humongous cock in this gallery. Caleb was definitely in charge like he always is and he did a hell of a job in this scenes. These two were enjoying their barbeque in their free weekend and of course things escalated a bit because they always do. So in one second Caleb passed from checking the sausages on the grill to check Abel’s big fat one. Abel couldn’t keep it in his pants and before you know it they started making out and undressing each other. And in no time they were taking turns on fucking in their backyard with all their neighbors at home. It’s insane believe me! Enjoy it and we’ll be back next time with more hardcore gay fucking scenes for you guys!

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