Kristen Bjorn videos – Brad Hern & Sergio Serrano

This is one of the best Kristen Bjorn videos! Sergio is walking on a deserted highway and Brad finds him at the right moment. Being such a hot day, both men are sweaty and hungry for sex. Watch how in this Kristen Bjorn video Brad is taking Sergio back to his place, where he finds out that Sergio has a need to be pleased. Brad is more then happy about this, after checking up on in the car he discovers that he has a really big cock, bigger then Brad expected. Brad cant wait to show his mate what a great cock sucker he is.
Sergio likes the given attention and takes advantage of the situation. He fucks Brad’s face forcing his fat uncut cock deep into his throat. Sergio cant take it anymore and starts licking Brad’s ass to make it nice and wet for his big fat cock. While Sergio is thrusting deep inside his ass Sergio starts moaning and gasping for more. Sergio is fucking him senseless until Brad can no longer resist and blows his load. As soon as Sergio feels Brad’s ass muscles contracting around his cock he start shooting his own load all over that nice ass. This is a kristenbjorn special, enjoy it!!

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KristenBjorn Action

Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas are both lovers and porn directors. presents you an amazing video of them as they are having the best time of their lives. They are literally fucking the cum out of each other having amazing hardcore sex. None of them are using condom so the sensation must be incredible. This flip-flop action of the two very good looking guys will make your head spin and your thing pound if you know what i mean. Make sure you don’t miss our incredibly hot porn star Trystan Bull inside free Kristen Bjorn videos this fine afternoon. We know that you are eager to see this thing rolling so let’s get it started.

Daniel is one sexy hunk himself and there’s no way that he would refuse a nice and hard fuck any time he gets asked. And since he and his Chaosmenbuddy Pedro are at a resort all by themselves and they had the hotel room just for their private use, they decided to have some fun before doing other activities. Watch them go into the bathroom and see them starting to have a nice and passionate fuck in the hot water in the bathtub today. See them kiss and jerk each other off, and then watch as Chaosmen Daniel slides his big cock in that tight ass of Pedro making him moan in pleasure as he fucks him nice, fast and deep. We know you’ll like it and we’ll see you again next week!

Kristen Bjorn pride

Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas are real life partners. In this Kristen Bjorn pride video they find a private stable that offer them some intimacy. Taking advantage of this, they start sucking each other until they both cum, and for a second round Daniel fucks Pedro mercilessly without condom. Well some of these guys you got to see in a previous update that we brought you and one thing that they have in common is that they both enjoy some nice and rough BDSM as well. So let’s watch them having dun shall we?

Right from the start the two guys get busy with the fucking, and you can see as one dude gets himself all tied up and suspended nicely in the air. All the while his male buddy takes the time to suck and slurp on his cock. Watch as he then gets his ass penetrated balls deep by his buddy’s nice and big cock, and see as the two guys just have they time of their lives. Well anyway this is one superb BDSM fuck like we said, and you guys would do well to not miss a single second of this simply amazing and stunning video today. Enjoy it fully and see you guys next week with more superb scenes as always!


Hugo Martin and Gabriel

These two raging stallion hunks, Hugo Martin and Gabriel had a great time together! These Kristen Bjorn pictures are one of the most favourites and no wander why, just look at those two guys! They had an amazing sex and that cute ass been pounded really hard until they both exploded with their huge jizz loads in this simply amazing and sexy update today. And rest assured that this is one superb update that you shouldn’t miss for the world as you get to see two very horny and hot hunks as they have lots and lots of sexual fun for your enjoyment. Well let’s cut the chit chat and see the hunks in action for this superb gallery!


One thing that you need to learn about these guys first and foremost is that they are both very very kinky and naughty and they like to have fun with their sex sessions. Sit back and watch closely as you get to see two very sexy studs starting off their photo shoot with some nice and deep cock sucking. Then the guys get into positions for their little fuck fest and they want to show off one superb sex position as well this afternoon. We’ll just let you see it in the gallery without naming it, but rest assured that you get to see some big cocks penetrating tight asses. See you next week as always and enjoy the gallery update!

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KristenBjorn manwatcher

So how would you like to embark upon an extremely exciting, voyeuristic journey? KristenBjorn manwatcher has something special for you, something that could make your fantasies come true chaosmen! Imagine a tropical, sensual paradise where the hottest men around the globe are all in the heat of passion of the moment without caring that they are being watched by you! Only Kristen Bjorn manwatcher can really capture the whole picture  of what’s going on there. Watch now the worlds fifteen hottest re-hot hunks  in hardcore gay action as you never seen before! So take a look inside and enjoy yourself with this fresh and sexy gallery of two hunks fucking.

In this afternoon you get to see these two studs as they get around to have some sexual fun for you and the cameras and it’s quite a delightful show to see. Watch closely and let’s see them in action shall we? The two guys are long time lovers and when they get bored they usually have sex. So this fine afternoon that was just the case. and as you can see they are decent enough to share their experience with all of you guys today as they take the time to fuck one another’s asses without delay. Sit back and watch some balls deep ass fucking go down between them and come back next week to see another superbly hot and sexy update just like this one!

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Kristen Bjorn el rancho

Kristen Bjorn el rancho has something special for you today! How do you like Latino maverickmen? Aren’t they simply irresistible and the word’s most sensual men? We think the same and kristenbjorn always knows what to give to his fans, and a threesome gay action it really is a hot scene not to mention what a turn on! Watch this gorgeous super hot dude working hard on those two men until they are ready to explode. He obviously wants something in return, but he really need to work hard in order to get it! And he will be repaid indeed, with a nice amount of cum load all over his hot body. Well let’s get this show started without further due.

kristen bjorn el rancho hardcore scene

Like we said, the guy’s jus the typical man slut and today he wants to display just how much he loves cocks for your viewing pleasure. Sit back and watch as he gets it on with two other guys that he happens to come across as the pool, and you will see that he takes his time to spend this whole afternoon fucking with them by the poolside. See him start off his gallery scene with a nice and long double blowjob today, and watch as he gets to suck and slurp on those nice and big cocks without delay this fine afternoon. Of course he wanted to also receive a nice double ass fucking as well and his buddies conformed to his desires today!

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Kristen Bjorn Parashooter

So I herd that you have a thing for soldiers! Kristen Bjorn parashooter is what you need then, because he always captures the most amazing gay sex scenes, watching this video you will soon agree with me. A regiment of foreign mercenary soldiers have been sent on a very important mission into the regions of South America, a mountainous place where everyone is living outside the law. Here the one who rules are the drug lords and the most wanted assets are the coca plantations. Now these straight buddies have to observe and track down the drug plantations only that in the heat of the jungle all men are vulnerable and start acting crazy like this Kristen Bjorn gay video will show you. captures the moment when this mission turns into a wild orgy as these hot men start feeling hot and horny. The only way they can put an end is by fucking each other senseless until each of them shuts his load over and over again. And rest assured that it’s quite a sight to see as all of these horny and hot guys get around to fuck and penetrate one another’s nice and tight butts all throughout this afternoon in the jungle. Watch this superb gay fuck fest go down, and enjoy seeing them getting their asses filled with jizz today. We know that you will enjoy it and we will see you once again next week with one more superb and fresh Kristen update then. Check out his full bio in his Wikipedia page! Bye bye guys!

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Casting Couch – Nicolas Taxman & Stany Falcone

Nicolas and Stany are two hot horny studs who love taking it up into their ass nice and hard! Kristen Bjorn videos presents you the hardcore gay sex action of these two young sexy studs as they are nailing each other’s buttholes and fucking each other hard. So let’s sit back and watch as the two hot and horny studs get to have some superb fun while fucking their butt holes nice and hard with their big and hard cocks. Nic and Stan are two of our best studs and you will be in for one superb little sex scene with both of them for this nice and fresh update.


They begin to have their little sensual fun with some nice and sensual kissing, and you get to see it all for this nice afternoon as well. So just take your time and watch the studs engage in a nice and slow passionate kissing for you guys as they get around to have fun with each other’s bodies, and watch them as they slowly make  way down to one another’s  hard dicks. Sit back and enjoy as theywatch them suck and slurp on one another’s dicks, and then see as Nic takes his spot on top of his fuck buddy’s nice and hard cock. So watch him ride it like the man slut that he is and enjoy this truly superb scene with them without delay today everyone.

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KristenBjorn – Paulo Novoa, Jose Santos

This exciting KristenBjorn video shows you how to please your master! The sexy young stud is taking lessons and learns how to lick his master’s ass and cock. And if you like to see straight guys abused, here’s there right place to be! But before he is allowed to do that, he needs kneel and work his way up, then to lick his master’s boots until are looking shiny clean. Well let’s sit back and watch these two honry and sexy gay hunks as they get to have some gay fun just for your viewing pleasure today everyone. Let’s get started and see them in action as we bet that you are also eager to watch them fuck all afternoon long today shall we?

As the cameras start to roll, you get to see our two studs as they begin their superb scene today. Sit back and watch them as they start off their little fuck scene with some nice and sensual kissing, and then watch as they move on to some more interesting stuff. As you can probably tell both of them are very much into some light BDSM and they always seem to be fancying taking care of one another’s cocks first and foremost. So watch the studs as they get around to suck one another off and see them fucking each other in the ass just for your enjoyment in this fresh and new gallery that we brought you for the week today. See you guys next time with some more!


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Kristen Bjorn bareback – Manuel Lopez & Sergio Serrano

If you are into rough sex this Kristen Bjorn bareback video is just what you need! Manuel is clearly dominating Sergio and drives him wild with his aggressive force and sexual appetite. These hot muscle studs are really sex addicts so  Manuel also likes to fuck Sergio’s mouth until he gags on it, but Sergio doesn’t mind it at all, he likes taking big fat cock in his mouth and down his throat. At the end of kristenbjorn videos they both shoot huge loads of cum all over their body and chest. Manuel also get’s a taste of sweet man juice as he shoots in his own mouth. Hope you will enjoy it as much as these hot guys did!


Well then let’s get this superb and fresh video started and watch these two guys as they get to have some hard gay sex just for your enjoyment today. Watch as Kristen and his fine fuck buddy get to spend this long afternoon sucking each other off and planting each other’s nice and big cocks inside each other’s fine asses. Watch as they moan in pleasure of the hard gay fuck that they do and rest assured that you will get to see much more in the following weeks from now on as well. We’re going to take our leave but not before we leave this nice gallery with you guys. Have fun with it and like we said, do come back next week for some more fresh and hot scenes! Enter the hazel tucker site if you wanna see some hot shemales having sex!

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