Legion Of Vengeance

Today’s Kristen Bjorn update features a trailer. It’s for a super hot gay porn movie called the Legion of Vengeance. And what can be said, it’s about a rookie joining the legion and his way towards the top of the organization. And all the cock he has to suck, and the anal pounding he has to take to get there. this cutie just got intro the legion but he really doesn’t like the bottom work so he desperately needs a way to get a higher position. The other day after their workout he noticed his commander checking him out and his killer ab. So he took advantage and started flirting with him and didn’t stop until he got his full attention. So he told him that he needed some advice and needed to talk alone with him. Of course he waited for him completely naked and things went out exactly as he wanted. The commander accepted his little gift and ended up completely naked as well and with a young hunk sucking his hard cock. After he sprayed him with nasty jizz he took care of his tight butthole as well.  Enjoy this KristenBjorn scene, and see you next time.

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