Kristen Bjorn Videos Brad Hern &Sergio Serrano

This is one of the best Kristen Bjorn videos! Sergio is walking on a deserted highway and Brad finds him at the right moment. Being such a hot day, both men are sweaty and hungry for sex. Watch how in this Kristen Bjorn video Brad is taking Sergio back to his place, where he finds out that Sergio has a need to be pleased. Brad is more then happy about this, after checking up on in the car he discovers that he has a really big cock, bigger then Brad expected. Brad cant wait to show his mate what a great cock sucker he is.
Sergio likes the given attention and takes advantage of the situation. He fucks Brad’s face forcing his fat uncut cock deep into his throat. Sergio cant take it anymore and starts licking Brad’s ass to make it nice and wet for his big fat cock. While Sergio is thrusting deep inside his ass Sergio starts moaning and gasping for more. Sergio is fucking him senseless until Brad can no longer resist and blows his load. As soon as Sergio feels Brad’s ass muscles contracting around his cock he start shooting his own load all over that nice ass. This is a kristenbjorn special, enjoy it!!

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