Milton Abdalla And Christiano Stefani

This Kristen Bjorn update takes place in the barn as two very hot gay dudes can’t wait for the night to come and just want to fuck right now. So watch them take turns in sucking and fucking each other’s ass in all kinds of enticing positions for a very wild fuck session today. One weekend in the country side can make real miracles in your relationship and if you don’t believe me take a look at these two. Of course Milton isn’t fucking his boyfriend, he’s actually pounding a farm hunk that worked at that ranch. Milton noticed Christiano cleaning up the place and after the signals he seemed gay, so he gave it a try. Milton was stuck in a dead relationship and thought this little escape couldn’t hurt anyone. So he waited for Christiano in the barn until he finished his work and made him an offer hard to refuse. Of course before you know it Milton was completely naked and made sure he undressed the cute farm worked as well and from then things got only harder. Milton made the first move and after he got his big cock sucked he stuffed in Christiano’s tight butthole as deep as he could.  We’ll have more KristenBjorn updates for you soon so stay tuned everyone!

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