Wet And Wild Fun

You know all of our guys have that Kristen Bjorn pride and they rarely want to assume the submissive role. Today one of them takes his chances and offers up his body to his mate to have fun with. Be sure he didn’t regret it in the end as he got have his ass thoroughly fucked by his friend. I’m guessing you like what are you seeing. Nice isn’t it? These two are our latest guests and they did a hell of a job. They noticed that there weren’t too many scenes in the shower so they wanted a bring something at least a bit different. After a hardcore night of partying they woke up a bit horny and after an insane ass pounding in the bedroom they moved all the action in the shower and took the camera with them as well. After they washed washed other with the sponge they gave some extra time to their cocks and got them really clean. Of course that made them even hornier and they ended up fucking each other in the shower. We hope we’ll see them soon again. Until next time enjoy this insane KristenBjorn gallery and we’ll be back soon.

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