The Wild Coast

Hey guys, Kristen Bjorn has for you a very special update. We are bringing you today one of the fun times that commenced during our trip on the cruise boat. Four of our men just felt like they wanted to have some extra fun so they stripped and presented their rock hard cocks for sucking. Watch them having sex on the sailing boat in this one. These four wanted an escape and found the perfect one. They wanted a perfect place to fool around without anyone bothering them, so a boat trip seemed the perfect idea for them. They rent a boat for the day, invited another couple with them and went sailing. After they got far enough from the shore they stopped the boat and started all the craziness. They started making out and undressing each other, changing partners it was insane. The couples kept on swing partners of the entire day, sucking and fucking in all possible ways of course. You shouldn’t miss this I’m telling you it’s too wild. Until next time I hope you guys really enjoy this recent update and we’ll be back soon with more hardcore gay scenes.

Watch these super sexy guys blowin each other on open sea!